Teachertech had its beginnings simply when I was frustrated by having to change my e-mail address for the third time in two years. Of course, I could have gotten a webmail account like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, but I saw it as an opportunity to get my own domain and put more resources on the World Wide Web. Now I have three sites: ESL Capital, EnpingEnglish, and TeacherTech. TeacherTech contains mostly work I did as an educational coordinator at Natomas Charter School. Looking at my webstats page, I can see those pages are accessed by students working on projects like earthquakes and car buying. I feel like I have an obligation to keep them up. For what I am currently doing, go to my other sites.


The IMET heading actually leads to my e-portfolio for work that I accomplished in my M.A. in Education: Educational Technology at California State University, Sacramento. IMET stands for Internet-based Master's in Educational Technology.


Leads to different curriculum projects I did for independent study students, including a project for teaching Excel through the car buying experience, an introduction to GIS, and a unit on earthquakes in California.


I currently keep two blogs. The link in the navigation section leads to the one at ESL Capital.