Buying a Car: An Excel™lent Adventure

car lot

Which car?

used car lot

New or Used?

Look! Financing available!


Hummer: Lease or Buy?

Lease or Buy?


For sale by ownere car

Keep or Sell?

PT Cruiser: Selling your parents

Making the Case


PowerPoint Presentation

Scenario: Your parents have agreed to help you with the down payment that you have chosen for the car if you pay the monthly insurance They’ve asked you to prepare a presentation that shows that you have researched your choice and that it makes sense. Use the information that you have gathered to create a PowerPoint presentation which you will present to your advisor who will be playing the role of a parent. The presentation should include:

-          a picture of the car that you have chosen

-          comparisons with other cars that you considered, showing its advantages over the others

-          graphs of financing options

-          an explanation of which type of acquisition (buy/lease new, used) makes the most sense for you and why

-          demonstration that you have researched the insurance

The presentation needs to be well-organized, making the most of PowerPoint, without overwhelming the audience with too many animations or sounds, but making use of PowerPoint’s features when appropriate

      The presentation will be judged according to how closely it meets the rubric you will be given..