Green Pieces Plate Tectonics Webquest


Background: This webquest is part of a project that was developed as part of the California State University, Sacramento “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology” (PT3) program. Two teachers (a sixth and a high school) and a CSUS instructor collaborated in the project's development.

Objective: Students will develop their ability to use technology while learning the earth science content standards that address plate tectonics.

Considerations: We tried to make the lessons accessible for all students, while allowing for opportunities to challenge those with special abilities. We also limited the technology required to what is typically available to most classrooms.

We've designed two lessons to introduce plate tectonics before doing the webquests. Both rely on mapping lattitude and longitude. One maps volcanoes; the other maps earthquakes.

This page has links for field trip possibilities, websites on plate tectonics, and PDFs on adapting science lessons for students with special needs.



Green Pieces Members

Mark Beard- Elk Grove USD

Bruce Moon- Natomas Charter

Bruce Ostertag- CSU, Sacramento