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Introduction to ArcView

In the previous weeks you've seen a number of forms of GIS. We've indicated that it what you've seen is just a fraction of the myriad of applications that Geographical Information Systems are used for. Before going on to this week's work on your great move, please explore two websites and write at least a page about what kinds of things you find out about GIS:

The Geography Network


The computers in the I.L.P. Resource Center have ArcView, a GIS mapping program on them. Here's a list of ArcView tutorials:

University of Wisconsin- See attached

For more information, search on ArcView tutorial on Google. Here are some finds:

University of Illinois


Purdue University

Assignment: Using the tutorial from the University of Wisconsin, create two ArcView maps:

Basic data files that you can use for creating maps are on the computers; other data sets may be downloaded from Geography Network. BE CAREFUL! Map data can be very large and can rapidly fill up a hard drive, leading to a crash.

Learning ArcView will probably take a week, so your maps are due in two weeks.