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During the last decade, the emphasis on physical fitness has shifted from motor fitness or athletic ability to health-related or physiological fitness. The primary thrust behind this movement is the popular notion that U. S. children and youth are less fit today than children 30 years ago.† In addition, results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey indicate a dramatic increase in the prevalence of obesity in both children and adults in the U. S.† This should come as no surprise, since about one-half of American youth and more than 60% of adults fail to engage in a regular exercise activity (Payne & Isaacs, 2001).


Your job is create promotional material in the form of a flyer, a display board, newsletter for parents, brochure, or an article for the local newspaper.† The purpose of this promotional material is to create and increase awareness among parents, teachers, and administrators, about the causes and symptoms of obesity in children.† There are many questions surrounding the causes and problems of childhood obesity.† You are encouraged to explore these as you develop your promotional materials.



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Center for Health Statistics

Food and Nutrition Information Center: Reports and Studies on Obesity

The Facts About...Obesity in Youth


Obesity In Children And Teens

Obesity in Children

Plotting Off the Chart: Obesity in Children

Obesity Among Children-Alvin Poussaint, M.D.,1120,20-22626,00.html

U.S. children continue to gain weight

School- and Family-Based Obesity Prevention for Children


Preventing Obesity In Children

Children and physical activity: A call for action on a significant health issue

Children and the Need for Physical Activity: Fact Sheet

TV Watching, Childhood Obesity Linked

Encouraging Physical Activity Among Youth and Families

Television and Obesity Among Children


                    You may work together in groups of no more than 2 or you may work alone.† Each person should have a specific area or duty to work on.† Each person must document his or her contribution to the group.

                    Each person will have to use at least three different resources to complete this project.† Note: resources are not limited to the ones presented.

                    After you have familiarized yourself with the information, decide on the most important facts to get your point across.

                    Organize your information using some type of word processing or publication software program.

                    After you have completed a draft of your work, edit for spelling, grammar, etc.

                    On a separate page, document your resources using MLA format.†For help with the formatting of your resources, go to the Citation Machine. If you choose to develop a flyer or display, you must summarize your findings in a one page essay to include the following:

o       What percent of children and/or adolescent are obese or overweight

o       Vital statistics related to children and obesity

o       What are the major causes of childhood obesity

o       What factors contribute to childhood obesity

o       Health problems caused by obesity in childhood

o       What are some solutions to this problem

                    If you to develop a newsletter, brochure or newspaper article, it must contain the information listed above.




Maximum Points


  • Includes accurate, detailed and clear information
  • All areas are addressed
  • Additional web site(s)/resources found
  • Evidence of thorough understanding of topic
  • Evidence of understanding of relevance of the topic





         Adheres to MLA format within the paper, as well as references

         Writing style

  • Writing clarity


Promotional Product

  • Creativity and use of technology
  • Evidence of use research and sound interpretation of information


Critical Thinking Skills

  • All ideas supported with evaluation and/ or analysis of information.



  • Information captures and retains the readersí interest
  • Information provides readers with the sense of needed to act



By completing this assignment you should have an increased awareness about both obesity and exercise.† Furthermore, you should have better understanding of the importance of physical activity during childhood and adolescence.††





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