Developing a Personal Fitness Plan

1. Take the President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Test. For descriptions of the exercises, see the Get Fit brochure. Do the exercises (three laps around the NCS field make a mile. We can show you where you should begin and end.). Record your results on a spreadsheet that you can keep track of your progress with.

2. Enroll in the President’s Challenge Awards program . Use these logs to keep track of your physical activity and print them out each week for your physical education.

3. Go to Fit4Life and take the quiz. What activities do they list for you? List the activities and write a journal describing your feelings about their prescription. Which of the activities can you see yourself doing? If there are some activities that you wouldn’t consider doing, explain why. If there are some that you’re interested in, but you see some barriers to your doing talk about what those barriers are.

4. Now go on to the weekly calendar page at BAM (Body and Mind and create a plan for the next two weeks and print them out.





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