Unit: California Geology

Week 1: Mineral Resources

Week 2: Earthquakes

Week 3: Volcanoes


Write a paragraph speculating on what Califoria’s most important minerals are.
View PDF files on web or printed:


http://www.consrv.ca.gov/DOG/pubs_stats/annual_reports/annual_reports.htm . Use the information in the two  reports to make spreadsheet and circle graph that show the total value of California mineral, including fuels.


·         How many earthquakes happened in California in the last week?
Write down your guess to the question. http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/

·         Make a spreadsheet showing the magnitude, location, and fault names for them. http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/general/handouts/richter.html .

·         View and interpret maps at http://www.consrv.ca.gov/CGS/rghm/psha/index.htm#Probabilistic%20Seismic%20Hazard%20Map http://www.consrv.ca.gov/CGS/rghm/psha/ofr9608/index.htm#DEAGGREGATION%20OF%20THE%20HAZARD%20MODEL

http://www.consrv.ca.gov/CGS/rghm/psha/Map_index/index.htm http://www.consrv.ca.gov/CGS/rghm/loss/index.htm ftp://ftp.consrv.ca.gov/pub/dmg/pubs/Future_EQ_Losses.pdf http://eqmaps.cr.usgs.gov/website/nshmp/viewer.htm . http://geohazards.cr.usgs.gov/eq/faq/psha01.html

·         Write answer to the question: What is the annual probability of an earthquake happening in Sacramento?

·                Write a pamphlet for California home buyers explaining what the dangers are from earthquakes and how they can determine how likely it is that  their home might be effected by an earthquake.


·         Read about California volcanoes at: http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Volcanoes/California/framework.html





·         Find the terms listed in the volcano hazards table:http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Products/Pglossary/pglossary.html

Using the information on these pages, create a guide/brochure for visitors for one of California’s volcanic areas. Use online photos to illustrate it. Include features that visitor’s should see, a  geologic history of the area, and an explanation of the dangers that an eruption might cause.

Tangible Products



Circle graph

Tangible Products

  • Written answers to questions
  • Spreadsheet showing  ten earthquakes near Sacramento with magnitude and fault names

Tangible Products

  • Guide/brochure on one California volcanic area