California Minerals
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Gold, earthquakes, volcanoes, water…California geology has a fascinating history and potential for a science fiction-like future.

            Most of this unit will take you online to find the answers to questions:

How important are minerals to California’s economy?

What dangers do earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides pose to California and where?

Does California have the water to meet its future needs?

The assignment sheets are linked here : Weeks 1-3 Weeks 4-5

Minerals in California

Week 1: What are the minerals that are important to California?

            Before you begin researching the question, “What are the minerals that are important to California?” , write a paragraph explaining what you think the answer is.

            Now go to the PDF files that report on non-fuel minerals and oil and gas . On page 6 and 7 of the non-fuel report, you will find a circle graph and table of the dollar value of non-fuel minerals. Look at the oil and gas report and estimate what the price of oil and gas was for the year (it fluctuates; base your estimate on a median between the high and low). Using the production figures for oil and gas, calculate the total value (Use 1034 BTU per cubic foot as the measure for gas).

Combining the non-fuel and oil and gas, make a spreadsheet showing the total value of all of the minerals in California. Once you have the spreadsheet, produce a circle graph similar to the one in the non-fuel minerals annual report.