About Me

Vocational Background

I've been teaching for the last 17 or so years. I began working as a classroom aide in special education for the San Juan Unified School District and then entered the multiple subjects, bilingual, bicultural program at CSU, Sacramento. I obtained the social science and English single subjects credential through taking the NCTE subject exams.

After student teaching in the Sacramento City Unified School, I taught for a short time in the Marysville Unified School District and then taught for the Grant Union High School District from 1984-1996. I taught English and public speaking at the high school level, social studies and opportunity school in middle school, home and hospital at all secondary levels in all subject, and finished in adult education.

I began as a part-time homeschooling educational advisor at Natomas Charter School in 1996. This eventually evolved into the planning of a new independent study program for high school, including writing the program description, advertising, and teaching the first students before any other employees were hired. For a couple of years I worked at that position, but with the establishment of the program, the need for the position was greatly reduced and I was placed back in the position of being an educational advisor for the independent study program. My last year at the charter school saw many changes, including the total replacement of support and immediate administrative staff. At the end of the year, I find myself looking for new challenges and employment.

Besides my teaching background, I've also worked as a preschool director, youth minister, realtor, import clerk, dishwasher, Tupperware, World Book, and Fuller Brush salesman, fish market sales clerk, and a Kelly temp.

For specific dates and other relevant information on employment, see either the PDF or HTML resumes below.

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Educational Background

While I graduated from Cordova High, my bachelor's degree is from Portland State in anthropology. After a short time working as a janitor and import clerk, I entered Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a Master of Divinity in religious education.

As mentioned above, my multiple subjects credential work was done at CSUS. I returned to CSU, Sacramento in 1997 to obtain a Master's in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, finishing in 1999.

I returned to CSU, Sacramento in 2003 and am now studying for my Master's in Educational Technology through the IMET program, an innovative graduate program that is 75% online and 25% face to face.


REMEMBER THIS IS A PERSONAL PAGE ON A PRIVATELY HELD WEBSITE! The following self-evaluation is based on a self-assessment of what I think and what is important to me. It is honest and open for those reasons:

Top Skills

Top Personal Qualities

1. Synthesizing ideas

2. Forward thinker and look outside the box

3. Thinking analytically

4. Writing

5. Editing


1. Love to help people

2. Understanding

3. Broad interests

4. Keep my word

5. Responsible


Top Interests

Top Values

1. Technology, particularly computers and the web

2. Gardening

3. Small farm animals

4. Amateur radio

5. Missions


1. Christian faith

2. Family

3. Integrity

4. Education

5. Healthy living


 Here are some family photos of my Dutch relatives from my Mom's side